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We are determined to contribute to financial inclusion and wealth creation.

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About Ubuntu Coin

We believe that every human being should have equal access to opportunities regardless of their place of birth or their wealth at birth. This is why we are introducing Ubuntu Coin. We are a collective of diverse individuals passionate about making this world a better place. We are committed to contribute our expertise, network and time to nurture the Ubuntu Vision. We leverage technology to trigger a massive societal change via people empowerment.

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Current Solutions No Longer Meet Requirements

Most fiat money systems in history tend to depreciate over time and progressively erode purchasing power of low middle income classes. Furthermore, most fiat currencies are not accepted anywhere outside their economic communities. This is a major hurdle for cross border trade and growth, notwithstanding that 70% of the population in emerging markets are unbanked and are excluded from the global economy. Further, access to wealth is a global issue as inequalities are widening year on year leading to latent social crises.

In order to overcome these challenges, Ubuntu Coin provides a market offering which transcends the simple amelioration of banking methods for all citizens of the global community:

  • Ubuntu Coin empowers and enables anyone in the world to buy and store gold securely from a mobile phone.
  • The minimum purchase amount is 0.001 gram which is just below $0.05 dollars (USD 5 cents) as a starting point for investment.
  • We democratize access to gold: it can be bought digitally, in small amounts - investing in precious minerals is finally an opportunity within reach for everyone!

Why Ubuntu Coin?

The power of the Ubuntu Economy resides in the fact that everything is interconnected and not just within our species but also within the planet we live in. The Ubuntu Economy Project aims to do much more than just launch a gold-backed coin that will generate financial profits for you and your loved ones. Our digital assets described below focus on the following triple bottom line: People, Profit, Planet.

Why Should You Invest in Ubuntu Coin?


referral commission paid for any new customer referred


of margins from gold trading are shared monthly


All transaction fees on the platform payable in U-Coin


of all transaction fees allocated to social impact projects selected by token holders


  • Q4/2017

    Inception of Ubuntu Coin

  • Q2/2019

    MVP Completed

  • Q3/2019

    SMART Africa Partnership Signed. Ubuntu Coin was officially endorsed by 25 African countries

  • Q4/2019

    Test Net & Investment Memo Completed

  • Q4/2019

    Payment integration
    Track & Trace v.2

  • Q1/2020

    Ubuntu Coin Global launch

  • Q1-Q2/2020

    Public Security Token Offering (STO)

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